Marc Johnson has some new footage filmed in Paris, with Heitor (!!!), Chewy and Blondey in a extented Adidas ad.

“Zoo York was the coolest thing in skateboarding east of the Mississippi” and now… Jenkem has an article about what the hell happened to Zoo York.

After a long waiting a new Sour video has been anounced. Can’t wait to see new footage of Gustav and all the crew. By the way, props to Gustav, in Paris for the “Das Days”, to shifty flip on a prefab skatepark in Paris.

Chris Jones has a long interview on Welcome skate store, about Skatepal, Isle, Atlantic Drift.

Lee Smith runs  a new podcastnamed “Mission Statement” RB Umali is the first guest. Remember we interviewed RB a few months ago.

Marcello Campanello, who know how to full cab properly, has a part for Quartersnacks   . Probably the most existing thing this weeek.

Thierry Gromit, long time French expatriate in Barcelona, is in full part mode this week.

Gary Rodgers talks at the Bunt podcast.