“Sup World” a new edit by John Wilson

Another good edit by the most productive crew, with a little french touch. Good to pump into those dudes. Always nice to meet talented people. @john1wilson @cyrusbnt #skateboarding #mostproductivecrew #cphopen Where are you… Continue reading

Sean & Sage

A new serie by Logan Lara ? This one features Sean Pablo and Sage Elsesser and a few Fucking Awesome guys.

Johnny Wilson HD23

A NYC skateparks guide

Tobin Valverde #stylematters

You should be familiar with Tobin’s name if you’re used to check  the Northern Co edits. Otherwise add him to your best style ranking.

Daniel Pannemann

Daniel is the editor in chief of Place mag, the Berlin based skate mag. This clip proves again he doesn’t only sit at his desk all day, but it looks like he spent… Continue reading

Hugo Maillard double alert

This is not a dream, you’ll see  CafeCreme fav Hugo Maillard in two edits today.  Rebound is a full length filmed and edited by Romain Batard which is the most fun video you’ll… Continue reading

917 Midwest tour

You’ll also learn Hugo Boserup knows how to play the piano beside the fact he’s a boss at skating, and Cyrus made an unexpected bodyvarial aka “sex change”.  

Strobeck + GT

+ a few more guys

London Young Squad

This is Austin Bristow and his crew. Jenkem had the good idea to give them some shine. Good pick !

Zach Chamberlin “Sprinkles” Interview

Interview & photos by Charles Paratte     Zach Chamberlin is one of those guys crazy enough to produce – in 2016 and independently – a full length documenting what he sees as… Continue reading

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    Everything about this photo is rad. Pete Hellicar shot by @wigworland from 98 @sidewalkmag issue. @hellicar 
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#skateboarding Today in the mail. A must have.
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