Hugo Maillard double alert

This is not a dream, you’ll see  CafeCreme fav Hugo Maillard in two edits today.  Rebound is a full length filmed and edited by Romain Batard which is the most fun video you’ll… Continue reading

917 Midwest tour

You’ll also learn Hugo Boserup knows how to play the piano beside the fact he’s a boss at skating, and Cyrus made an unexpected bodyvarial aka “sex change”.  

Strobeck + GT

+ a few more guys

London Young Squad

This is Austin Bristow and his crew. Jenkem had the good idea to give them some shine. Good pick !

Zach Chamberlin “Sprinkles” Interview

Interview & photos by Charles Paratte     Zach Chamberlin is one of those guys crazy enough to produce – in 2016 and independently – a full length documenting what he sees as… Continue reading

Johnny Wilson’crew in CPH

As you will certainly have noticed if you scrolled through the last few posts, Copenhagen is the summer most popular skate destination in skateboarding. Here is on of the most popular crews filmed in CPH. Also,… Continue reading

Tredje Akten Polar Section

“Tredje Akten”  is the Tor “Tao” Ström full lenght. It sounds Swedish and it actually is. Here is the last part featuring the Polar guys. Also watch the full video on Fresskatemag here… Continue reading

Hjalte, Koston &Co in Copenhagen

At first glance, I thought it was just another ad for a lineup collab or whatever. Finally it’s a blast, 8 minutes with Halte, Koston, Karsten, Oski and a few others, shredding Copenhagen… Continue reading

Olympian Remedy

Henry Edward-Woods knows how to capture skateboarding, it’s not an unknown fact. Here is a London edit, with some of the guys you don’t see so often. Well, no Olympian related debate in… Continue reading

Sprinkles “Bright Moments”

Sprinkles “Bright Moments” is the last video by Zach Chamberlin. Here is the intro section. Learn more about the project and Zach in the near future on CafeCreme.  

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