Viru – “Sucubo” Part

As we mentioned a few times before, Juan Virues aka “Viru” is one of our favorite newcomers. Here his two songs part from “Sucubo” which is now online. Enjoy.    

Linkorama #1

Linkorama  is a new section, which will be posted regularly, containing some recent links to articles, interviews, videos and whatever, from here and there that paid our attention. Zoe Milos introduced to Palomino,… Continue reading

Josh Kalis – Love Park

Memory Screen just put together a bunch of iconic footage of Josh Kalis for SlamCity. It’s timeless. Spread the Love. That line filmed not far from Love Park is also epic : @dgkalis… Continue reading

Glory to Kenny Anderson

After Mike Carroll last week, Daniel Policelli remixed some post pretty sweet footage of lord Kenny Anderson. Another tribute in 15s : Kenny Anderson @skiduls Elwood promo years ago. How he BS 180… Continue reading

DIY : A Sirocco Retrospective

By Charles Paratte (Version française en bas de l’article)   DIY has been the magic word for a while now. Although there is an unofficial rule saying any DIY has to be made… Continue reading

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