Hiroki Muraoka

Hiroki is a frequent subject on CafeCreme, do not miss this one :

Brad Cromer “Storytime”

Brad just edited his own recent instagram footage, to please all his fans.

Two clips from SF you’ll watch today

Yoan Taillandier, the man behind “Minuit” just edited a 10mn clip with some footage filmed a few years ago, soundtrack including a French rap song.   Jameel Douglas and Chris Anthans skate 3rd&Army.… Continue reading

Smooth Tech – Sean Parker

Straight from from Perth, when the “extra revert” worth it.

Olivier Ente – A friendly post

Our friend Olivier got captured by another friend Olivier Fanchon. He talks about his art, which consist of drawing characters on maps, explains the process, and skate through Paris. Oliver aka “Tavu”, has… Continue reading

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