Bobshirt got Josh Kalis, another great interview.

Clubgear keep the hype on, check their edit.

The “Showcase” Paris was an artshow in Paris, including arty homies and free beers. The event was a real success and the place was overcrowd, it seemed like everybody in town that day has passed through the gallery.

The next day, an “Adidas Skate Copa” took place on the other side of the Seine river. We don’t really get the concept of putting skate obstacles on a fake tennis court but the demo was great. Special mention to Gustav.

Did you miss the last episode of Atlantic Drift , seriously?

Talking about the crew, Casper Brooker is on fire lately, they  made it to LA

The Bright Europe  trade show just took place in Berlin. Place Mag made a karaoke night which seems to be the most exciting event of the week.

A new LurkNYC episode is out with your dose of weirdos in the street.

Any Hugo Maillard new footy is a Hugo Maillard alert.

We have to pay tribute to that fakie ollie by Tyshawn Jones.

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