The Bunt Podcast has Jake Phelps, the infamous Thrasher chief editor as a guest, long stories about SOTY’s picks or his love for John Cardiel. Quote : “Ishod is better than the whole Birdhouse team” when they mention who coud get SOTY more than once.

The Chrome Ball Incident interviewed Eric Koston, maybe the longest interview and really interesting as usual.

This week sounds like the John Shanahan’s week, thanks to LurkNYC for this edit, and this one by his shoe sponsor.

Daniel Policelli keep on remixing all the CrailTap riders footage, Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco is the last in date.

Our good friend Augustin Giovannoni released a new part with his homie “MarcA” Barbier who’s contending for the most productive kid in Paris :

This week, we are celebrating the switch kickflip, presented by Olli Lilja aka Guccit. Which switch flip come to you mind ? post your favorite switch flip on insta (#cafecremeswitchflip). We ll pick a winner next week (you can’t choose Keenan Milton).