Kevin Rodrigues got remixed through the Maine Stacks channel. 

Our boy Soy Panday is the last guest of the 500Farenheit podcast with some good SF stories, his first and only meeting with Jake Phelps and the misunderstand with Chris Pastras.

Blake Carpenter answers a few questions on Apropos.

Quartersnacks remixed  footage from the Grand Collection clips from the JP Blair and RB Umali featuring Connor Champion, Wade Desarmo, Kevin Tierney and more.

The Chrome Ball incident has been pretty active lately, Tony Hawk and Dan Drehobl are the last ones, good reads !

Vincent Alvarez has a bunch of good stuff in this montage

Swiss Exposure by Julien Januszkiewicz, the man behind Bordeaux Exposure

Jamie Foy is now fully respected :



The PopTradingCompany crew is currently in Paris for two reasons, the fashion week and enjoying eating snacks on the spots. For the occasion, a party took place at the Medusa bar with a couple of Benjamin Deberdt’s photos on the wall.



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Just bombed Garrett Hill

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