The first official trailer for the new Supreme video “Blessed” just pop over, which probably will get more views than any other video out this week.

Jon Miner is the “official filmer” for new element video. “A propos” made in interresting interview with him about the evolution of filming for a video and the different skater’s personalitites he has to deal with. “I think skaters of the new generation are less involved in that process, in general, because of the nature of social media and all those different outlet for releasing video content, I think the video part isn’t as important to them as it used to be.”

Victor Campillo comes out of the darkness with a bangin part .

Adidas  “Oh là là Paname” is probably the blockbuster of the week, as well as that Corey Glick ender, which makes him worldwide famous immediately (that makes us a little sorry for him having filmed the rest of the full part).

Rust, provided by Medium Mag, some crusty spots you probably never seen before, no trick filmed at Republique”, and this is quite refreshing.

Marc Johnson look back at his part in Modus Operandi, which is probably the most mentioned Transworld video ever (competing with “The Reason” maybe). This format is way more interesting than those “live comment” where the guy is out of time to tell any story other than “crooked in Miami, lipslide in BCN…”.

Jenkem documented the Emerica team, This Is Skateboarding era, particularly what was up at the mansion where almost the entire the team were living. Drugs, skate, rumors, getting sober etc…

Neanwhile in NYC, Brandon Westgate clears quikflips Brooklyn banks