Gronze aka Maxime Geronzi (it’s now a brand as well) made a new edit, outside Instagram, with a gnarly ender by “Titi” aka Thierry Gromit.

Danny Renaud static III part is now watchable in good quality. and it hasn’t get old.

Props to Joseph Biais who choose a theme for his new part, playing now on Thrasher. Definitely not the easiest theme. Joseph talks about it in the last bigspin podcast episode.

Chris Mulhern, who keeps producing quality and meticulous edits, just put out a new “Untitled” segment feat Mark Suciu, Ishod and a Nate Pezzillo full part, who pop over all the chess pieces at Muni. Check again his part for Phat House 2 from 2016.

Love skateboards have a new video named “Dying to love”

Tony Hawk is filming for the next Bronze video in NYC (or not…) ⬇️

Dustin Henry, last Guest of The Bunt Live podcast

Vintage flashback of the week, Ben Liversedge and Ethan Fowler in the Deluxe video “Ride On”. A video watchable at tradeshows only, back in the days.

Is a regular manual bs 180 out the hardest “no flip” out from a manual ?