Here we go, another year, another “Gourmet selection”. A few parts we enjoyed watching this year (alongside many others).

Tom Knox – ” Atlantic Drift ” –  Jake Harris/Tom Knox combo at his best

Tyler Surrey – ” SK8MAFIA 2020 “(Sarting at 30:06) – Spain/San Diego crossover

Sam SitayebBirdman Jr”  – Knee socks

Tommy May – “Surfin”  – mess (note there is a fs pop chove nose bump somewhere in the part)

Joey O’Brien – “Sabotage’s Milan” – fast Pupecki Grind

Alexis SabloneSeize the seconds” – Superstar 2020

Austyn GilletteCheap Perfume” – Off the Wall flow

Hugo Maillard – “NI LE MATIN” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Max Palmer – “Year of the rat” – How many years in a row Max been in the Gourmet selection ?

Jameel DouglasHelen” – Flow is everything

Javier Sarmiento  “Jarana” – Representing people in their 40’s who still rips (we could also mention Andrew, AVE, Kalis, Elissa, Lebron to name a few)

Jordan Thackeray & Alex HallfordTea and Biscuits” – Cheese and crackers

Vincent HuhtaLågaffektivt Bemötande”  – Street reptile

Bobby de KeyzerBOB” – Precision

Kevin RodDancing on Thin Ice” – The only legit 360 flip 50 this year

Cyrus Bennett – “John’s Vid” – Feat in the best 2020 edit including a Nik Stain full part

Léo CholetFree Part” – Free cover man

Also, props to Tiago, Mason and Louie for the good work this year.