History Lesson : Ethan Fowler in “A Visual Sound”

          There have been so many tributes to the classic skate videos, here and there. Early 90’s has been a rich era of skateboarding classic videos : Video Days, World, Plan B are the most mentioned by far. In my eyes, one is probably too often forgotten : The first Stereo video, Visual Sound, out in 1994. At that time, global trend was doing the most complicated trick, whatever how it looks and how it’s done. Speed and style were definitely not the priority. It’s probably a bad sum up, but it’s not so wrong.
Then, that Stereo video came out. At that point, we can qualify it as an experimental video project, which means street skateboarding was documented really differently than what was done everywhere else. Not saying that they were the only ones changing the game, while those Eastern Exposure videos came out in the same era and were also so much influencal.
        The soundtracks was Jazz only, performed by Ululation And Tommy Guerrero. While most videos were filled with “non sense” flip tricks, barely landed, Visual Sound is line and no flip tricks oriented.
        And then, you have Ethan Fowler. Ethan has been one of the most gifted skateboarder of that generation. And he got the last part, with maybe one of the best bs tail slide shove it ever. Those who ever got the chance to see him skate in real knows. 
We also recommend to watch the following Stereo video, Tincan Folklore.