Shin Sanbongi – Small interview

Portrait by Zander Taketomo

It’s hard to define why we like watching Shin skating. Maybe because those tricks he does don’t score any good at Street League and the way he explores those spots are always unexpected and refreshing. Another point is the style, anything is smooth, maybe thanks to his surfing background. Well, somehow, we managed to catch up with him to get a few words from him and we are particularly happy to have him on CafeCreme.

Best surf spots?
Chigasaki, Japan. This is my hometown and where I started surfing. There are some good waves a few times a year.
Porto, Portugal. Last year I went there on a polar trip and was impressed with the waves.

Musicians you listen on repeat?
Tommy Guerrero
Jack Johnson
Peter Tosh



Japanese skate video everybody should watch ?
Crustract Video by Masanori Uruma. Underground street skating.
Night Prowler Video by Katsumi Minami.
Lenz Videos by Shinpei Ueno.



Skaters who has inspired you ?
Pontus Alv – Expression, Power, Speed. Flow.
Alex Olson Simple, Style, Flow.
Grant Taylor Speed, Power, Flow.

Video parts you know by heart, and what do you like about it?
Jake Johnson –  Mind Field.
Matt Rodriguez – Stereo: Tincan Folklore.
Dennis Busenitz – Since Day One.

Weird thing European people do, that Japanese people don’t?
I was surprised that in Europe people see skateboarding as a work of art. Also, individual freedom is respected there.
In Japan, the opposite is true. Skateboarding is just seen as dangerous and banned everywhere. No freedom.

Funny things Pontus told you?
Everything Pontus says is funny.

Best trip memories you ever had?
The most memorable was the Polar trip camping in Sweden. That’s when I got on Polar.

Best skate spots you ever been ?
Gran Canaria – Surfspots everywhere.
San Francisco – Sidewalk surfing.

Worst spots you ever been (or most disappointing spot you ever been)?
Vietnam. The ground sucked.


Wallie bs smith (photo by Zander Takemoto)