Here we go, another year, another “Gourmet selection”. Just a few parts we enjoyed watching this year (alongside many others). 


Casper Brooker Nike “Trust Fall” by Jacob Harris Ben Reamers tribute

Nik Stain “Skate Clip” by Johnny Wilson and “Nikita Stain” You want to skate like this

Tyler Surrey “Expat Part”  Hola que tal ?

Mark Suciu “Verso” Hardwork

Brett Weinstein Deep Dish “Seven” Endangered specie

Max Palmer “Nine One Seven” 3D

Heitor Da Silva “For Parade” and  “/// HEITOR” flow to flow to flow

Victor Campillo “Pro d’Haze” and “Free Part” Bad Boy de Marseille

Maxime Geronzi Back to the ’80s Give me my money Chico

Dom Henry “Afterbang” by James Cruickshank Tactical Manual

Gustav Tønnesen “Reverb” by Chris Mulhern Cat walking

Tiago Lemos “Dime Knowing Mixtape Vol.2” Champion

Bobby Worrest “Welcome to Venture” Eternal sunshine

The entire Sour team  “The Sour Solution II” Street loops and friandises

Shoot out to “Atlantic Drift”