Some new Victor Campillo footage, thanks to this “welcome to” edit by Quotamine.

Two days with Javier Sarmiento, who skates Macba and Sants with Jesus Fernandes and Dani Lebron. By the way, skateboarding at Macba may be banned in the near futur. Do it right if you go there. #savemacba
“De Andre” from Pekka Løvås is now online in full. Talking about Scandinavia, Herman Stene has a small edit by Dan Stene.

After a busy fashion week, Pop put their mandatory Paris clip out.

A Propos interviewed Louie Lopez while he was promoting his pro model shoes.

After some good apparitions here and there, Matisse Banc has finally his own part, and it’s gnarly. Didn’t know Emerica still sponsored euro riders.

Week Favorite clip : Jordan Trahan