Some good tributes and good new stuffs this week, enjoy.

Cairo Foster retirement part is a mandatory watch. That guy was one of a few to do tech gnarly stuff with style, smile.

Another good tribute : Memory Screen edited a mix with Raymond Molinar, which is great.

Gronze Island new episodeis now live, and they figured out how to get Kevin Bradley in the van and on the board. Good job !

No comply skate has a 22 min video celebrating their 12th anniversary.

A Butter Goods remix, yes.

If you still haven’t seen it yet, Jenkem really met the“Monster” kid,the kid who huge a huge Monster logo tatoo on his chest.

Jonatan Drab has a full part online, from De Andre vide by Pekka Løvås.

Quartersnacks made a deep investigation through the skate shoes market from the 90’s.

Tim O’Connor just released a new episode of the Tim O’Connor Show with Ricky Oyola as the guest.

Brian Anderson got a new clip, surprise.

Gustave in a /// ad :