Bobby Murphy is the pulleoesque guy of the month. The good surprise of the week.

There is nothing that prohib to film a part on a single DIY spot wearing a hood only. The Rave crew did it, It end up as a enjoyable clip.

The Brazilian rule, which basically says Brazilian skateboarders are really really good at skateboarding, seems to be still true. That kid is a good example.

Nate Guest is neither Brazilian neither well known but he’s definitely damn good.

Hadn’t seen those Yeah Right’extras online before. Too much Biebel acting like Biebel but also a good section of Gino eating shit. 


Watching Ronnie Sandoval skating in person is a memorable experience. Not sure if video does justice to his style, here is his share part with Robbie Russio in the TWS video Outlet.

Lucas Puig take some rest at Venice, as usual.

Gronze edited a iPhone footage video. iPhone is the new VX.