A picture, a story : Juan Virues

Text and photos Charles Paratte

Scrolling through my hard drives, I bumped in to a few photos that remind me some memories. I took the opportunity to give a life to some pictures.

Here is Juan Virues, aka Viru, doing a switch backside flip dropping that infamous bank/stairs combo near Gare de Lyon. It was in September 2017 during a Converse filming trip.

A European group of Converse riders from all over Europe, plus Kenny Anderson, spent a couple of weeks in Paris to film with James Cruickshank.

The schedule was basically starting the day at a meeting point late in the morning and cruising through the city and stop at any spot which has an inspiration potential.

That Saturday, the meeting point was Paris Gare De Lyon, one of the favorite place for Luidgi who was in charge to make the trip good.

The start of the day consisted of a few slappies and waiting for the rest of the crew coming. By waiting for the rest of the crew, we mean waiting for the Parisian guys who weren’t staying at the hotel with the crew, but were arriving way later…

Harry Lintell was one of the last who show up, still finishing his breakfast and did a scary drop straight after the yoghourt was done.

If you know Felipe Bartolome, you know he’s not spending a day trying a couple of slappies. Most likely the whole week, he tried something unexpectable on each spot.

That day, the hammer was an ollie from the top of the 10 stairs to 5050 on the tiny ledge standing around the pole in a below level. Hard to explain but just remember that you do not have to mess with your angle because your head comes close to the pole. Anyway, the trick never happened that day, after a long battle and Felipe apologies for the long waiting.

Meanwhile, Kenny did some full speed flatground lines and Viru landed a large amount of switch backside flip dropin with ease and one of them is on the picture.

Check Viru’s part in the last Hotel Blue’s edit “About time” and his interviewfor freeskatemag