2017 Gourmet selection

The classic annual selection of parts from 2017, out of many, that caught our attention. Prop to people who still make full video parts this year.


Mike Arnold  – “Lloyds”
Swan dive

Zander Mitchell –  “Remix”

Joe Guevara “Pyramid of the sun”
No Denim

Brad Cromer – Krooked “LSD”
Trick tips

Dom Henry – “Next”
Brick manual

Jan Henrik Kongstein – “Free part”
Everything about it

Tyler Surey –  “Brain Gone”
At the cutting edge of tech

Cyrus Bennett – “Elite Squad”

Antonio Durao – “Next new wave”
Waist high is the new standart

Max Palmer –  “917”
Good ideas

Lucien Clarke – Palasonic
Vicky benches resurrestion

Viru – “Sucubo”
Real Madrid

Jacopo Carozzy – “Stincky trouble”
Insta Wizard

Jarne Verbbrugen – “Jarne is pro”
Suicide squad

Hjalte Halberg – “Frog Hjalte”
Beast frog

Tiago Lemos – “2017 remix” 
Really sorry