By Charles Paratte



A bunch of websites just published a selection of 2013 best clips/part/videos or whatever. Honestly, most of them are filled with good choices. The folwing list doesn’t claim to be the “best of 2013”, it a kind “has not gone unnoticed” list that shouldn’t be forgotten : 

Advanced skateboarding in a Euro/USA shared part by two smooth operators :

Tyler Surrey/ Gustav Tonnesen in Stee


Erik J Petterson & Javier Sarmiento part is also one of the 2013 highlights for sure but Javier is spanish.

You’re not getting married but we love you :

Ryan Sublette in Depression Session


Best “Make me want to skate Euro part” if it wasn’t right next after Hjalte Halberg part :

Laurent Gehin in VoresKBH


It’s also the best euro come back of 2013. Video watchable here Hjalte’s part starts at 26mn52, followed par Laurent’s.

Best flatground half-cab flip in the warming-up part before Emerica Chapter 1 :

Brandon Westgate Snapshot 

It also could be called “Best kickflip up 3 stairs”

Best Only Barcelona part (including the best Macba ledge trick of the year) :

Anton Mhyrvold in Barcelona


Has been underrated for too long in New Jersey :

Ron Deily NJ Venture


Brazilian immigrant became prince of new york :

Yaje Popson in Dece Vid


Starts at 18mn20

Robotic/Gangsta/2000 style that should be boring in 2013, it’s not actually :

Wade Desarmo in DGK Parental Advisory


He also got the “On bolts or die, yo !” award. His part is the first one in Parental Advisory :

Most middle 90’s looking part (in a good way) :

Jordan Trahan Boros to Bayous


Special mention for the nose slide up the ledge

Mike Carrol’s style is untouchable, so any comparason is illegal, but let’s talk about him anyway :

Massimo Cavedoni CJ County

Best British surprise :

Luka Pinto 11th Hour

He got the first part of "11th Hour" from Jacob Harris (read his interview here) and you should have already purchased it.

Best kick flip over a bump to bar and unexpected body varial, out of nowhere :

Simon Isaksson

Laziness laziness laziness but what a flick ! :

David Clark Bender Promo

QuarterSnacks support his Brooklyn (and some other locations) destruction :

Cyrus Bennett Mamma’s Boys