“3 is a magic number” questionnaire : Marius Syvanen

By Charles Paratte

San Diego ripper Marius grew up in Helsinki, Finland. He appeared in 411 Video magazine back in the day as a young kid with blond hair and obvious talent.

You’ve have probably seen him slam straight on the face once, but his growing style and trick selection made him a interesting subject to watch. Not surprising that respected board and shoes companies have hooked him up.

Nowadays, his face hasn’t aged since youth and he still can’t do a 900 flip , that’s probably  good news…

Hometown: Originally from Helsinki, Finland but now reside in San Diego, California.

Sponsors : Habitat skateboards and footwear, Billabong, OJ, Independent, Perus.

3 Places visited : Cuba, Australia, China

3 nicknames (at least one):  Bob, Bobblehead, Kebob, Lars, there’s a bunch

3 Scandinavian skateboarders : Lewis Marnell, Arto Saari, Ali Boulala

3 San Diego skateboarders : Tyler Surrey, Wes Kremer, Peter Smolik

3 video parts of all time : Guy Mariano, Mouse.  John Cardiel, Sight Unseen Fuck I got to many favorites to name

3 recent videos part : Julian Davidson, Madarse Apse, Joseff Scott Jata

3 songs : BUFFALO SPRIENGFIELD “For what it’s worth”, NEIL YOUNG  “Don’t let it bring you down”, AIR “Modular mix”

3 tricks to beat you at SKATE GAMEHardflips, Switch hardflips, 900 flips

3 warm up tricks : Rolling around, pushing around, stretching

3 tricks you’ve done and you are proud of it (in a video part) : Fuck I’m stoked on any of the tricks I’ve done in video parts no specific ones

3 movies you enjoyed : Batman 3, Baseketball, The SImpsons Movie

3 movies you did not…: I don’t knowable Sex and the city

3 spots you wish never have been : Any big set of stairs or big handrail

3 things you have to do but you’re saying “tomorrow…”Going to the dentist, moving out of my parents house, and shaving

3 things you know about the Sk8mafia crew and we don’t : Peter Smolik is the most ruthless human known to man, Everyone on the team is also sponsored by RAW rolling papers and everyone apart of the Mafia lives in San Diego

Is any video part of you coming soon ? I hope so

Image via Habitat skatboards