A few questions to Luke Croker

By Charles Paratte

Who has’ nt read somewhere the overused phrase “prefers quality to quantity” ? I don’t know what prefers Luke but I confirm the quality fits him perfectly. Three years ago, he made one of the best video of the year, which would still be a “must” in 2012. Since then, Luke did’nt become the most famous skateboarder in the world, I suppose that it is not his intention…

  • You’re living in Australia right now, but we can read somewhere you come from Gravesend, Kent. England  , could we say you’re british ?

Yeah right now I’m living in melbourne australia… but I was born in kent and lived in england till I was 14… I lived in australia ever since!

  • As a Krooked rider, how does it feel to “work” for Mark Gonzales ?

I’ve only ever been on one trip with gonz… I dont much of a chance to jump on trips being so far away!! But it is an amazing honor to be apart of such great company full of good people!!

  • Which skateboarder inspire you nowdays (and in the past) ?

In the past I was always stoked on Stefan (Janoski) !! Even now after knowing him and watching him skate in person and traveling with him I still get inspired by him the most

  • Have you got a good story about dealing with Dylan Rieder ?

I’ve got lots of good memory’s of dylan!! He has done a lot for me over the years… I have nothing but love in my heart for dylan!!

  • What’s the favorite places you travel through during your carrer ?

My favorite place I have been would be the basque country!! That place is tight!! But I have’nt been many place compared to a lot of people!

  • Who do you skate with daily ?

The people I skate with seems to always change!!  All good homies though!!

  • What are your short term projects ?

Short term plans… move back to england for a year of two… see what happens, maybe try to study a little??

  • How can we see the difference between a  Australian and a Américan ?

The accent is a dead give away!!