Brian Delatorre ‘inquiry’

By Charles Paratte

Brian is out of control, he does everything to the fullest extent. He can’t be stopped. Watch out for him pushing down the street like a rabid dog or you might get plowed over. His thirst cannot be quenched!

(Brennan Conroy)

Hometown : Miami,florida

Sponsors : Habitat skateboards/footwear, Dickies, MIA skate shop, Dqmnyc, OJ wheels

3 places visited : Berlin,Helsinki,Copenhagen

3 nicknames (at least one) : Dela

3 skateboarders  : Mike daher, Danny Renaud, Ed selego

3 video parts of all time : Danny Renaud Mosaic, Jake rupp Static1, Anthony Poppolardo Photosynthesis (click images above to watch de parts)


3 récents parts : Brad Cromer Lofi, Brian Clarke Outdated, Josh Matthews Think video.

3 Skaters you skate with daily : Dustin Eggeling, Keith Denley, Stephen Mcklintock

3 best spots you’ve been : all of new York , San Francisco, and China even though I’ve never been there I’m sure I’ll have a ton of favorite spots there.

3 songs : Black moon  “Slave”,  anything from The Smiths, Cass McCombs, Mobb Deep, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Joy Division, Kiddus I, led Zeppelin.  Always a hard question. This list can go on for dayz.

3 tricks to beat you at SKATE GAME : Hardflip, sw backside flip, any double flip variation.

3 warm up tricks : Ollie, no comply 180, front shuv

3 tricks you’ve done and you are particularly proud of it : Hyped I nollie flipped over a rail into bank. But that’s not really a good story. I think ollieing  this street gap in sf… It was just a perfect day out all the homies were ripping…But it’s the simple things in life I guess what gets me stoked. Just skating cool spots with people I enjoy skating with.

3 movies (cinema) you enjoyed : Dumb and Dumber, any Wes Anderson flick, any Stanley Kubrick flick and Guy Ritchie flicks

3 movies you did not… : “The Gray” sucked balls.

3 spots you wish never have been : I’m glad I made it to all spots even though they were shit.

3 slams you have’nt forgotten: front blunt to head smash (watch the “Hall of Meat”), Ollie from a vert ramp into a bank to head smash, and board to the face knocking my teeth out.  Both knock outs resulted in Seizures.

3 things you have to do but you’re saying “tomorrow…” :  Paying rent, skateboarding, working…I’ve been known to procrastinate

3 things you know about DQM and we don’t :  you probably know more then me.

3 things we have to know before trying a trick with a cellar door : Lock, cracks, also know your going to be skating diamond plate with most cellar doors… so the bigger your wheels the better

When you entered Habitat skateboards, did they ask you to change your haircut (because of Guru Khalsa) ? Haha nah man I think that’s maybe why they put me on haha

What are your futur plans ? Make a million bucks

Is there some footage coming soon ? Yeah I’m not sure if there’s a deadline but I’m aiming for spring