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“Class” Erik J Pettersson interview

Interview by Charles Paratte Photos by Robin Nilssen ( Sequence by Victor Calvo De Pedro Like a bunch of Scandinavian, you’ve been living in Barcelona for a long time. How many Swedish skateboarders are… Continue reading

Brian Delatorre ‘inquiry’

By Charles Paratte Brian is out of control, he does everything to the fullest extent. He can’t be stopped. Watch out for him pushing down the street like a rabid dog or you… Continue reading

“3 is a magic number” questionnaire : Marius Syvanen

By Charles Paratte San Diego ripper Marius grew up in Helsinki, Finland. He appeared in 411 Video magazine back in the day as a young kid with blond hair and obvious talent. You’ve… Continue reading

A few questions to Luke Croker

By Charles Paratte Who has’ nt read somewhere the overused phrase “prefers quality to quantity” ? I don’t know what prefers Luke but I confirm the quality fits him perfectly. Three years ago,… Continue reading

Les archives de Dan Plunkett

Dan Plunkett vient d’Atlanta et se fait remarquer depuis deux ou trois ans environ, sans rentrer pleinement sous le feux des projecteurs non plus. Plutôt habitué aux productions indépendantes ou au clips web publicitaires jusqu’ici, il… Continue reading