Summer Clips Selection // Being up to date or so

If you were sailing on the ocean for the last months or two, with your phone off, you probably don’t know what happened in the constant flow of skate video releasing. Here is a chance to catch up, and not feeling lost when starting speaking with your homies back to the spot. Well, at least this is a small selection :

Rob Maatman in “Karaoke” 

If you need to watch Eli Reed dancing this is the right place.

“Magic Maka Bus” if you miss somme GT footage

“Firesides” by Ben Chadourne for Nik Stain summer footage, Hjalte, Bobby skating beautiful plazas.

Zander Mitchell still being fun to watch “Boltwagen”

Mason Silva charging into the SOTY race in “Mason” or “Mason is on Real”

To be up to date  with the new trendy NYC crew, with Carl Aikens “F*ck Face”

Quartersnacks remixed Lucas Puig footage from the past year or so “Oceanside Remix” and Memory Screen remixed Brent Atchley.

Tiago Lemos “Trust Tiago” doing like Mason

Jaakko Ojanen still has good ideas in “Domino”

CPH is still a good skate city with Dancer boy :