An interview with Jordan Trahan

Interview by Charles Paratte, Portrait by Jake Darwen

We have always liked Jordan’s skating. “Floating” is the word that come in mind when it is time to describe Jordan’s style.
We had the pleasure to exchange a few words with him, so here is his interview.

We had the pleasure to exchange a few words with him, so here is his interview.

You’re originally from Louisiana, tell me what made you decide to move to NYC ?
Well, around Mardi Gras 2010, my friend Ben Moore called me up to show the 5Boro dudes around Baton Rouge for a couple of days. I was newly graduated from high school and had been traveling a lot with my new found freedom. Two months later I took a train from New Orleans to Penn Station. When I arrived I reached out to Tombo (ex-5B TM and filmmaker) and the rest kind of fell into place. It was only after Hurricane Irene did I find a solid home in Brooklyn.
How is your life during the quarantine ?
I’m enjoying this time despite the toll it’s taking on the rest. A lot of riding my bicycle around ghost town. I have a VX now so the gang and I have been taking full advantage of the spots that would usually be impeded by cars, alcoholics, and horse shit.

Quickflip photo : Fred Simonson

You have a lot of footage in the Bronze videos, how did you end up hanging out with the crew ?
That would be Rob Gonyon. He and Peter(Sidlauskas) have been skating together and making videos out of Queens since they were kids(Flipmode/Caviar). I remember Peter telling me about the idea to start a hardware brand one day at Flushing. Thinking he was joking, I laughed it off and didn’t appear in the first video (Bronze 56K).
What is your favorite expérience going on a trip, and why ?
There are tons of stories but my favorite is always the first day of a trip. When the crew links up for first time in weeks or months, and the energy is clean. It’s a buzzing that I’m sure every skater has experienced in a way.

BS Tailslide gap out photo : Jake Darwen

Bs Tailslide gap out Photo : Jake Darwen

The iconic spot Brooklyn Banks are under threat. Do you have a good story that happened there ? And what is, in you eyes, the best things ever made there ?
In the seven years I lived in NYC, I skated the banks twice. Many years of looking through a guarded construction site. I do remember obsessing over the banks after I saw the movie, Indian in the Cupboard. Kid gets a board for his birthday in the opening scene and goes straight there.
Who are your skate héros nowadays, and why ?
I’m pretty sure everyone has a few. Since I’ve been back in Louisiana, Shannon May has been a huge inspiration. He was pro for G&S back in the late 80’s. For years I would hear about him but was confident he didn’t skate anymore, which he didn’t up until a few years ago. A lot of what I do on a skateboard now has been sparked in some way by Shannon.

BS Kickflip photo : Jake Darwen

Another would have to be Brian Brown. Aside from being a world class gent, he helped me out in a time of true mental instability. Getting me out of the city when I couldn’t take it anymore. Have you seen the new project he and Kenny Anderson have begun? @mileswheelco Genius shit.
Why have you moved back to Louisiana ?
The move back was a tough decision to make. After being released from a three week stint in Bellevue in December ‘15, I spent the next year trying to make sense of the manic episode that put me there. Concluding that frequencies put off by the AT&T towers on our roof were at least in part responsible, I realized I needed to get out. After a couple of months readjusting, the strain in my mind had loosened and slowly began to feel right again.

Ollie photo : Fred Simonson

And so, what is your typical day overthere ?
Wake up at 6 AM, coffee and breaky before 8 usually, around 10 I’ll hear from the boys and either ride the bicycle or take my little Chevy pickup truck to scoop up the dudes who are down to skate. We also have a couple of DIY spots that we’ve been putting some effort in to. On days that I don’t skate, I travel to the 9th ward where my friend has a big lot to work on projects. I have a little workspace there to make my rings. In the evenings we usually light the grill or walk down to the bayou for sunset.

What is your favorite country, that you had the chance to visit, and why?
I would have to choose the United Kingdom. We took a trip with the New Balance boys back in ‘14 I believe. People always described UK cities as being very rough and rugged but they were not nearly as bad as most streets in New Orleans. Then last April I got to visit Knox in London for the first time. It happened to rain for 2 of the four days of our trip but we still managed to skate a lot. I do hope to return soon.

Photo by Jake Darwen

What are your next plans for the rest of the year, any project in the map ?
Well here in New Orleans, my friend Charles is finishing up a local video ‘Broth’ that I should have a little section in. I’m also working on two other parts but they’ll remain a secret for now.

Check his Espresso Remix :

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