Leo Valls and Sergio Cadare in “Leo & Sergio” is the shared part of the week, filmed and edited by Julien Januszkiewicz. Cool to see Leo doing those fast ledge lines. Out the same week, the new Transworld video “Duet” which is basically a shared parts video.

Another NYC resident at the Lee Smith show, Brian Anderson sat down for a long chat in the new Mission Statement episode.

Karsten Kleppan may have “bsmithmaster” nickname but his last part is full of memorable different maneouvres.

That Jahmal Williams and Steve Brandi could be a Static VI edit by Josh Stewart. Beautiful visual, we back it.

The cover of the last Thrasher already make part of the SOTY debat, while “Blessed” hasn’t been premiered yet (first premiere date on the 14th of November, the 19th in Paris).

Elissa Steamer talks about surfing, skating, getting on Baker in her interview in Solo.

Tampa am looks fun this year :

Sirocco Skate Club update : The crew just started a crowdfundme stuff in order to get the wood missing for the project to get done, please donate to help the community here