The classic annual selection of parts from 2018, out of many, that caught our attention. Prop to people who still make full video parts this year.

Dustin Henry  “No Idea Efficent low impact

Sam Sitayeb “The YS Video Wore it best

Bobby Dekeyzer “Purple Happy face

Magnus Bordewick Magnus Peruvian hat in Oslo

Austyn Gillette Radiant Cure Still got it

Shintaro Hongo “[本郷真太郎]”

Jahmal Willams and Steve Brandi  “The Converse Cons X Hopps Collection Virtual Static VI last part

Hiroki Muraoka LOOK LEFT Boosted

Nate Pezzillo Untitled 003Muni Party

Quasi Gilbert Crokett Mother Kickflip nose manny

Louie Lopez & Tiago Lemos 2017 SOTY Alternate Reality Remix also Tiago Lemos Mid-Year Review Not this year, again

Ville Wester “KBH MIXENEcstasy

Nik Ferro It’s Time Buggytalls

Jacopo Carozzi’s “Stazione Centrale”  Plazza art

Christian Maalouf WKND  Signature flick

Michal Juras “Neverwhere  Grey brillant comeback

Heitor Da Silva – “THREE” Bryggeriets, Draft first pick

Dane Brady – “We blew it at some point Real men skate curbs

Shout out to Tyshawn Jones, Jaakoo Janonen, GX1000 for the good year

Most anticipated video for the beginning of 2019 : The Sour Solution 2

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