Great news, Tonic is back with a new video, it’s been a while. Featuring Axel Thomas and bunch of others. 

Nice documentary with the photographer Joe Brook, following him documenting the GX1000 scene in SF, talking about that van with the big American flag painted on it.

JB Gillet has a little interview on Quartersnacks. Rewatch a montage we made   with JB’s appearances in old Thrasher and other videos.

We’re not necessary into “bsides” edits, but sometimes it allow you to figure out how gnarly the skating is with views from another angles (to be honest, we missed the original video when it came out,). So, this edit is some rough cut off the Alltimers video. Will Marshall is the man.

Damon Way talks about the rebirth of DC Shoes in this interview for Jenkem. 

Colin Read has been recently working on a bunch of little projects, some skits for the last Girl video, a little ad for State Footwear… He just made a  clip for Magenta and DC with Leo Valls cruising in Paris, nice job Colin !