Due to climate change, we’ re a little late on this one,

A little documentary about the so enigmatique Gou Miyagi just appeared (on the Red Bull youtube channel ?). 












Free are spreading “The Battle of Normandy” edits, a reminiscence of the concept (from 2010 ?).

🇫🇷 French People, Benjamin Deberdt and Soy Panday are the latest guests of the BigSpin podcast.

Romain Batard’s last “Giddy” Episode is now up with a bunch of homies and some NBDs at Jussieu.

Kasper, Kyron and Nik Stain at SouthBank for a (intense) minute.

Hiroki Muraoka’s Spirit Quest part has been uploaded via TWS, after Colin Read got hyped by Hiroki’s new part “Tone”.

Antonio Durao switch flip NYC in the “End of summer” clip by Quartersnacks.

You probably already know that Corry Kennedy just went to prison as the result of the car accident which cause the death of P Stone. So many bullshit about the story has been spread here and there, but Jenkem just published an article which sum up well the situation.




North Skate Mag has an interesting interview with Mark Suciu.

Local news : If you already know about the Sirocco, our local facility. We are now working on the 4th location, which is way bigger. Work in progress…