Capture d_écran 2018-04-16 à 08.07.04Quartersnacks celebrates a new co branding with the swoosh. Durao does the line of the week. Pumptrack is a 2018 new trend ?








The short but sweet part of Vincent Alvarez from Static V is now in the air.

Skate Krak edited all tricks done at Rincon school, long time shower of hammer.

French Alert : BigSpin Podcast new episode with Remy Taveira.

So, the Cons full lengh is real, premiering soon.

The next CPHOpen will take place in Berlin this year.

Quartesnacks, again, are Bobby Worrest‘s fans and they remixed his LSD part

Jenkem spent a day with @ShredmasterKeith which looks like a super fun day.

Habitat filming for a full lengh ? here is a nice little edit with is supposed to be a proof.

We edited a little mixtape with your friend Gunes Ozdogan :