Kevin Rodrigues has interview on Solo about leaving Polar for Hockey and more.

“Meanwhile the California based companies who had 28 people on the team smith grinding rails got a 29th guy really good at smith grinding rails. And wondered how come his colorway was not selling outside of his skatepark area. So, yep, you can blame internet for the YouTube pros, and the skatepark board jugglers rising to fame, but it also allows Kevin Rodrigues to just be himself.” Our buddy Benjamin Deberdt is always productive when it’s time to answer a few questions. Read his interview on Theories.

Francophone people, BigSpin, the french new podcast is now live. Yann Garin is the first one.

Long time  inconspicuous legend,  Rick McCrank has an  interview on Route One

After “Most Underrated skaters” , SMLTalk new poll is “best style”, vote on Saturday on their  instastory page.

The last bunt podcast’s guest is Austyn Gillette. Him and the Huf team show their effort in a team montage, especially Jake Anderson, like this “tac tac tac noseblunt”.

George Tolland filmed and edited that clip all filmed in Southbank where you can see the young generation still having fun on the most iconic British spot. If you’re not familiar with the story of the spot, it used to be a bigger place until 2004, when a large part of the spot had been closed. The overactive collective LongLiveSouthbank are working hard to get the place restored. Give an hand by donating to LLSB on their webpage.

“Pastel” his a name of a clip” filmed by James Cruickshank for Grey/Cons featuring some euros dudes and Bobby De Keyzer doing endless lines. Spoiler :

We made a little edit with Christian Maalouf for our insta :

Jeremy Wray has been Chrome Balled, good stories about filming some of his iconic hammers.