If you hadn’t watched yet Lucas Beaufort’s documentary called “Devoted”, which is about skateboarding print magazines, it’s here. Lucas travelled the world to meet influential people in the skate world, and interviewed them about past present and future of print magazines, and their love for skateboarding in general. Liveskateboardmedia just made an interview with Lucas to have Lucas himself talking about this project and also his vision of the skate media, it’s pretty interesting and it’s a necessary extra of the documentary.

Who said it’s the death of full length videos, Sabotage 5 premieres still poping here and there, maybe one near you soon, same with the Traffic video, and DVD are available.

End of the year approaching, those Soty discussions will field up the map. Boil the Ocean made a cool article about their Soty contenders, let’s share you own picks!

Those last Epicly episodes, in that new format worth a watch, especially Andrew and Spike Jonze ones.

Placemag interviewed Jim Greco

Village Psychic interviewed one of our favorite Aussie : Casey Foley

Meanwhile in Milano, Ale Cesario bs smith as seen in the last Solo issue

Meanwhile in London, Palace announcing a new video called “Palasonic”.Is this the full london video, that has been anticipated since 4 years ?

Then, the Sour guys always deliver :