The new Bobshirt’s episode is Rob Pluhowski’s and it’s so good

We usualy don’t talk about sponsors here but rumor says Joey Pepper is on Politics. Treat yourself with some classics

Jaakko Ojanen, our current most exciting instagram feed, does his remarquable nollie flip version on a quarter when Austin Gillette did the fakie one 

The POP guys made it to London

Julien Januszkiewicz remixed Glen Fox, Kenny Adoua, Vivien Feil footage from his full length Bordeaux Exposure 2.

Altimers and Quartersnacks have a nice clip from a recent trip to Mexico

The creative Louis Deschamps just made a arty clip with Hugo Maillard “La ballade de Christine”

And last bit no least, the new Atlantic Drift episode is live, the Paris episode !!! :