500 Fahrenheit is a new série of podcasts, host by Steve Fletch. The guest of the third episode is Mike Lent from the Northern CO. 

We watched the last TWS video Riddles in Mathematics. The filming will divide opinion, especially in the Ben Gore’s part. Bobby De Keizer does lines effortless, one of the best to do it. Leo Valls does his own things, fast and he got the art to do a trick twice in a line. Yaje Popson had the good idea to make a tribute line to Gino from the Chocolate Tour video. Village Psychic edited it on instagram :

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🙏 @yajecado #ginoiannucci

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Filming a good part on a single spot only isn’t the easiest way to make a good video. Bobby Worrest had one a few years back, at Pulaski indeed, which was really good. The new episode of Atlantic Drift has been filmed entirely at St Paul London. St Paul isn’t a proper plaza, definitely, if you know you know…

After Santiago Sasson, Liveskateboardmedia remixed the Steve Malet’s footages from Parisii.

Aymeric Nocus, the guy who makes the longest comments on instagram, has his own solo part named “stickers”

Romain Batard has a new edit named Giddy #2, featuring a bunch of Parisians and the one and only Hugo Maillard multiple CafeCremeMVP. Jeremy Garcia made the nollie of the month, congrats :

Connor Kammerer, is the main character in  this brillant short movie .