Gourmet selection of 2015

A selection of parts from 2015, out of many, that caught our attention.

Simon Isaksson Sour
Everything you always wanted to see but were afraid to ask.

Hugo Maillard A serious video
Seriously ?

Brian Peacock Something sinister raw
When you’re sure everything has been done, unless Peacock

Mike Arnold Alfresco
Former hidden treasure in Bristol UK. Also one of the most viral insta clip 

Eniz Fazliov Where We Come From
Only for people who got the chance to watch it at the premiere. First premiere date was in July and it’s not even released yet. Eniz is always the best though. Also this : Eniz Fazliov in SLP World Order

Josh Pall Nike Sb X Pass~Port
There is nothing bad about this part

Austin Kanfoush TWIOGC
Good mix between aggression, raw, control, gnar and #idontgiveafuck. He also had a good appearance (starts at 20’50) in “The Our Life ” video, which include the best 20015 Grant Taylor footage (starts at 18’30) considering he’s not even trying.

The mind blowing Brazilian legacy : Carlos Iqui, Tiago Lemos and Carlos Ribeiro
Which country would you think about when we mention swich flip bs noseblunt a picnic table, endless switch fs crooks, chest high fs nollie heel and no slappies ?

Tom Knox Vase
Why going over there to skate that spot while there is this “thing” at the corner ? Because you’re not suppose to be able to skate it. Vase races for the title of best 2015 video.

Dick Rizzo Trust
{very rare}

Cyrus Bennett Horny
Also in honor of the most productive crew in NY behind the lens of John Wilson. The Cyrus Bennett interview is the most popular article on CafeCreme in 2015.

Nik Stain Bruns
Best part in 2015 which actually is from early 2014, but who cares.