Alright, let’s with a small review of the CPH OPEN 2017 :

  • It was a blast in general
  • It would had worth the travel even if Ishod would have been the only pro skating there
  • Rare skate legends who were not there : Tony Hawk and Fred Gall
  • Sebo Walker one man demo under the rain
  • Overcrowded

Another Gino’s appearance hereΒ 

Bobby Puleo new footy ? Yes, few tricks in this.

Don’t get why John Baragwanath is still pretty unknown. TOA just put out a really refreshing edit with a bunch of Miami locals here.

Talking about good style, Nate Broussard is the last guest of the 500 Fahrenheit podcast.

That Spitfire edit is the best clip this week. Β 

The Cleptomanicx guy made a trip to Copenhagen, which is a brilliant idea.

Jenkem interviewed Chris Robert and Roger Bagley, the guys who run the 9 club.

Another remix of 411 footage, this one with the Cardona brothers

New clip from the Canadian most productive filmerΒ Antosh Cimoszko

A pic we paid attention to, David Clarck :

Ollie in Denver πŸ“· courtesy of the courteous @chris_james_films

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