Alright, let’s with a small review of the CPH OPEN 2017 :

  • It was a blast in general
  • It would had worth the travel even if Ishod would have been the only pro skating there
  • Rare skate legends who were not there : Tony Hawk and Fred Gall
  • Sebo Walker one man demo under the rain
  • Overcrowded

Another Gino’s appearance here 

Bobby Puleo new footy ? Yes, few tricks in this.

Don’t get why John Baragwanath is still pretty unknown. TOA just put out a really refreshing edit with a bunch of Miami locals here.

Talking about good style, Nate Broussard is the last guest of the 500 Fahrenheit podcast.

That Spitfire edit is the best clip this week.  

The Cleptomanicx guy made a trip to Copenhagen, which is a brilliant idea.

Jenkem interviewed Chris Robert and Roger Bagley, the guys who run the 9 club.

Another remix of 411 footage, this one with the Cardona brothers

New clip from the Canadian most productive filmer Antosh Cimoszko

A pic we paid attention to, David Clarck :