Quartersnacks tells the story of  Colombus Park the famous spot in lower Manhattan.

TAO made a interesting review on some quite unknow skate plazzas in the USA

Meanwhile in LA, Diego Najera almost kickfliped a picnic talbe the long way…

“Instagram killed the video star” is the title (which means a lot by the way) of a huge remix of the Sour guys insta. and it’s great…

Who’s not going to the CPH pro 2017 ?

BoilTheOcean paid tribute to Darrell Stanton with his part in Roll Forever and mentioning that amazing interview he had for Jenkem with the kind of quotes like “I said with a new brand like LE, at the time they couldn’t afford my caliber of skating.”

Antonio Durao skates a trash can at Flushing Meadows. It remind us that line which is basically the same thing but in a line.

Wade Desarmo executes a textbook frontside heelflip in that clip.

Our favorite crew from Hungary (which is the only one we know), has a new edit.

Village Psychic interviewed a guy whose job is designing skate stopper.

Hugo Maillard from his training camp in Berlin with Placemag :