Throwback : Ronnie Creager’s Momentum

If you’re under 35, you probably haven’t destroyed your VCR watching the Trilogy video again and again, and you didn’t really follow Ronnie Creager’s carrer in the mid 90’s.

Let’s put things in context : Ronnie Creager was one of the most technical advanced skateboarders in that area, and contributed greatly to the evolution of modern skateboarding. They are multiple reasons for this.Here are a few ones :

  • He forced TuPac’s fans (and everyone else) to listen to Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” on loop, due to his double songs part in Trilogy.
  • Killed the game with the flip in flip out manuals 
  • Did epic lines under rain
  • Effortless switch frontside ollies on the vert ramp for fun between to contest runs, where most of the “street skaters” couldn’t drop.
  • What we consider as his momentum : Landed multiple switch frontside tail slides on this ledge in Hungtinton Beach, where most people would consider a 50 as an ender at that time, watched by an amazed crew including Penny, Boulala, Clyde Singleton, Kareem Campbell, Deawon, Caine Gayle. :