Benjamin Deberdt just made a second photo zine, “This Was Just Now#2”, available in a couple selected stores like The Palomino. For the occasion, a little exhibition has been set up in Paris with large b&w prints. I’ve been to the opening last month. Pretty funny to come across people from four different generations of skater in just an evening.
The Palomino has also interviewed Benjamin about his photographer expériences and more in general .







Learn more about the missing Johnny Wilson’s Brother, Mitchell, via his interview on Quartersancks.

“A Propos” has an interesting interview with Dustin Dollin, who’s been spotted in Paris a bunch of times recently.

The special guest of the last “The Nine Club” episode is Jeremy Wray, with a long talk about the story of the “Tower ollie”.









Cyrus Bennett made a 12mn edit with a bunch of phone footage, and came up with an epic name : “God in my bed”

Tigerstaden by Pekka Løvås is now fully live on internet

Supervisual is the best full video, on reason for this is a part of David Clark or Dom Henry or maybe Trevor

If you missed it, we remixed some iconic Keith Hufnagel footage, “Keith Hufnagel Expresso”, while Huf (the brand) put out two new clips within a single week. Well, yes, Joey Pepper as some footage !

A fresh new Blobys edit is up. Hjlate Halberg as the special guest :


A glance at the Lucas Puig’s rehabilitation program