Linkorama #1

Linkorama  is a new section, which will be posted regularly, containing some recent links to articles, interviews, videos and whatever, from here and there that paid our attention.

Zoe Milos introduced to Palomino, with a part full of spots that reminds you your streets by your home. Also got a interview on GreySkateMag.

Bill Strobeck just put online a compilation of footage filmed while he was working on a full ledge named  “Buddy boy”.

Joey Guevara teach you how fs50 to bs 180 out, with style.

Last Bobshirt interview with the gentleman Karl Watson, many good stories as usual.

A man who own the #everyonefavorite status, Ray Barbee, got a “Legend”trophy by Transworld coming along with a 11 min edit.

It seems that Gino and Dill just created an Instagram account showing their flat ground session in the FA warehouse.nothskatemag

Got the new North Skatemag issue, with a interview with Marcel Veldman “The Fluff”, and a bunch of  other pictures shot on film. Get your copy.









Kevin from Krakbox tried to edit all the tricks landed at the famous wave to bar Besos in Barcelona, had work. You obviously try to find out which ones are missing. I think about Max Geronsi switch 360flip and Nilton Neves, your favorite Brasilian rasta should have 36flip it. Let’s debate.

If you missed it, Josh Kalis got remixed with a good selection of his iconic Love Park footages by MemoryScreen

Antonio Durao who made the best 10 more tricks line in NYC just had his first Numbers add :