Back to Barcelona Euro Series & Street League

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to travel to Barcelona for the Nike SB Euro Series & Street League contest.

One particularity, there were two comps going on the same week-end at the same location: a European Am contest and a Street League contest. To add further confusion, there were actually two Street League events: a Pro Open, which means a selection of hand picked skaters (including Europeans) trying to qualify for the official Street League stop the following day.
That being said, everything was pretty well organized. Multiple check points with security and a dozen of different accreditation bracelets: Staff, VIP, Media, Public, super VIP, guest, photographer, super photographer, riders, super riders… The challenge is to get the best bracelet at the best time, which involved epic moments with our partner in crime like: “Are you sure our “party bracelet” from last night let us go to the riders pit now? –I’m not, but it can help!”.
Whatever you think about skateboarding competitions, scores, ranks, championship, judging, this event allow you to watch the current best skateboarders, landing their last trick from their last part almost every tries, giving to you a unique experience. And just for that, it is worth the trip!

Here are some highlights from my week-end:
– Based on audience reaction only, Evan Smith won, and it’s well deserved.
– Nyjah Huston only needed to skate 10 minutes on Sunday (which looked liked just a warm up for him) to win the whole thing.
– Kilian Zehnder is officially the most well mannered guy of the circuit.
– At one point, PRod did a non-switch trick on flat.
– Monster girls are real (almost…).

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