Domingo, via The Skateboarder Journal, release a clip with a bunch of Aussies, indeed, and Alex Campbell is in it, yes Alex Campbell.

The last WKND clip is really good.
Village Psychic interviewed Nick Boserio about wheels size. But, I have the small riser pads. They’re like 3mm and hard. They’re the standard ones people are riding. And I wax my wheel wells. Have you heard of that before?
Sour skateboards has a new phone footage mix,which always make people talk at the spot.
Lacey Baker has a long article on Huck Magazine

Raw clip in Barcelona by Tom Colabraro with Bobby Puleo, Brandon Wetgate and more.
The Rio crew is still out there, Bontô

Fred Gall has his own promodel beer for real.
The Dime Glory Challenge took place last week. It started like a joke and it now a multi thousand dollars prize money contest. But it still looks like a massive joke. Props to those insane organizers.
Theories has a nice article about European skate plaza

The article comes as a addition to a former article on us skate plaza from last year.

Vintage inspiration when Santa Cruz skateboards had this melting pot riders, Damian Smith