Magenta / France Jam 1

The Magenta « Capsule » is back, filmed in France featuring the whole team, mosly filmed by SF based filmer Zach Chamberlin. The least we can say, this is really enjoyable. Let’t also watch some… Lire la suite

Horny by John Wilson

This is a new John Wilson video. As usual, it’s a must. If you didn’t know Max Palmer yet, now you do… With Cyrus Bennet, Max Palmer, Alex Olson…  

Alex Olson / What’s up ?

    Paradise Garage « Paradise Garage is related to Larry Levan for what he created there. Larry Levan was the godfather to House music and Dj’ing. He created a vibe at the Garage… Lire la suite

GX1000 : Get Off My Block

Word !  

Sweet SF / Northern

Another great clip from SF treat with the Nothern guys Bryan Botelho, Jesse Narvaez, Tobin Valverde.

Russ Milligan & Tyler Warren

Both share a good part for Studio skateboards, from Vancouver. 

Paris & SF with the Blobys

The Blobys, if you don’t know yet, is the parisian crew which has turned into the most productive guys over there. Here is their full length vidéo « BIDJ », filmed and edited by Hadrien… Lire la suite

Lucas Puig / Remix

Guys from Quartersnacks have been Lucas Puig’s fan for long, and there is obviously nothing wrong with that. To celebrate, here is their own remix :

Alltimers / She’s garbage

Sick clip from Alltimers, dedicated to trash, bins or garbage littering streets.  Featuring Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Kevin Tierney, Alex Olson and bunch of others.

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    Guy Mariano. Converse ad 1995.
Would be interesting to know more about this sponsorship back in the day. Never heard anything official about it except this only  ad.
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