Raw Davis Torgerson

I’ve been fan of Davis since his part in Boondoggle (2008). This raw edit with footage from Since Day One and Flow Trash  reminds me of this young talented kid from Minnesota. Just natural… Lire la suite

An ode to Strobeck

Before « Cherry » or « Joyride », William Strobeck had filmed and edited exciting clips. Some of them were even « Quiksilver » stamped… Anyway, at the « forgotten the following day » webclip era, it worth watching again some… Lire la suite

Nathan Porter for Snack skateboards

A new Nathan Porter part is a good news, that’s it. You can skate wearing a hat, with style, proof here : Talking about Nathan Porter, always stoked on this one from 2012.… Lire la suite

Yardsale – Poolside

Poolside is a rad new edit by Yardsale featuring their teamriders Jake church, Curtis Pearl, Darius Trabalza and Paddy jones. Lot of sick SouthBank footage, specially with their guest Casper Brooker. This confirms the… Lire la suite

Ocean Howell lost part

This is the Ocean Howell part from « A decade late » by Richard Hart. Ocean has been one of the classiest skateboarders ever, for sure.  His Manolo’s mixtape : Shot here by myself in… Lire la suite

NY Courthouse Drop Edit

Quartersnacks just dropped a edit about one of the most iconic spot of New York : Courthouse. So many history over there. Sure you forget some of them and maybe you notice some… Lire la suite

Magenta / France Jam 1

The Magenta « Capsule » is back, filmed in France featuring the whole team, mosly filmed by SF based filmer Zach Chamberlin. The least we can say, this is really enjoyable. Let’t also watch some… Lire la suite

Horny by John Wilson

This is a new John Wilson video. As usual, it’s a must. If you didn’t know Max Palmer yet, now you do… With Cyrus Bennet, Max Palmer, Alex Olson…  

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    An interview with Cyrus Bennett is now online on CafeCreme. Link in profile.
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