Welcome Promo

This 3mn clip announces a full length for 2016. It’s gonna be good.

Raw Mark Humienik

If you still don’t know Mark Humienik, he opened the excellent “Bleach” a month ago and had also good appearances in many east coast edits, including Bronze “Trust”. Here is 6 mn off… Continue reading

Pat Gallaher

Is kickflip 5050 a trendy trick this year ?


Waylon Bone put together some SF and LA footage, featuring Stevie Perez, Aaron Herrington, Alex Olson and more.

Nate Pezzillo – Phat House

I always pay attention when TheoriesOfAtlantis put something online. This one is Nate Pezzillo, you have seen in some Traffic edits, here is his  part from Phat House 2. The landing of the… Continue reading

Jordan Trahan for president !

Watch his full part, and the whole thing, in the new 5boro video  :

Karsten Chronicles #3

Here it is, Karsten’s part from Chronicles 3 is now online. If you missed it, check his interview here

Jerry Hsu got remixed

Emerica asked to Manolo for a Jerry Hsu mixtape, and Manolo did it well, as usual. It’s also a gift to Jerry’s fans who complain about his lack of footage nowadays. By the… Continue reading

John Wilson HD18 feat. Andrew Wilson & Antonio Duraro

First “HD” episode of the year, the now classic series from John Wilson. Andrew Wilson and Antonio Duraro  steal the spotlight in this one, alongside Cyrus Bennett and other crew members.

Gourmet selection of 2015

A selection of parts from 2015, out of many, that caught our attention. Simon Isaksson Sour Everything you always wanted to see but were afraid to ask. Hugo Maillard A serious video Seriously ? Brian Peacock Something sinister… Continue reading

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