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Ron Deily Remix

Quartersnacks just released a remix of a Ron Deily‘s part from earlier this year. Deily has been underrated for so long.  


Make sure to follow Tonic from west in France, which currently produces the funniest skate clips. We totally dig it. Here is the last one, feat Hugo Maillard (our notorious hero), Sebastien Riollier, Romain d’Andigné,… Continue reading


JACKY is the cute name of a video project by Phil Zwijsen who spent his free time during his recent injury filming some of his friends. The main character is the amazing Jarne… Continue reading

GX1000 JAPAN Episode

This time, your favorite crew made it to Japan. Obviously, they had to deal with security. Obviously, you’ll see great skating from Jake Johnson, Alex Davis and co. Obviously, they kill it. Obviously,… Continue reading

Benny Fairfax interview

Interview by Charles Paratte Portrait by Daniel Wagner I first met Benny when I visited London for the very first time, 13 years ago. Time flies… Once I watched him skating Southbank, he… Continue reading

Gilbert Crockett “Salt Life”

That youtube link should be the subject of speculation today :


Our friends from the Northern Company just released that rad clip from a recent oregon trip. Featuring their smooth operators like Jesse Narvaez, Bryan Botelho, Mike Lent, Jameel Douglas and Tobin Valverde. Check… Continue reading

Brian Downey – Local Express & Interview

Interview by Charles Paratte   Let’s start with the classic basics, where are you from and what is your background ? I grew up in south Florida until I was about 16 when… Continue reading


Good to see new footy with Günes. Here is his part from CHARDONNAY by XXIV Skateboard co. Full video here

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