The return of the prodigual son

Yaje Popson is officially back. And already made the fakie ollie fakie 50 a classic.

The Northern Co. / Spring SF Edit

7 minutes of skateboarding. Filmed by Zach Chamberlin and Colin Read.  If you missed it, we interviewed Mike Gigante who run The Northern Co.

A discussion with a skateboard company owner : Mike Gigante from Northern Co.

 Interview by Charles Paratte     I have been following Northernco since their early beginning, thanks to an interesting team, authentic graphics, nice clips and their overall direction. Mike Gigante is one of the… Lire la suite

Roger Krebs / Wave cap

Many good things in this part. The ollie over to back lip looks so natural. Good one Roger !

Night life with Masaki Ui

« Night Leaks  » is a new webclips serie by Minuit , the active collective from Bordeaux. First episode here with Masaki Ui, who’s not afraid to jump into a cellar at night.

Our hero of the month : Hugo Maillard

Don’t miss the new Hugo Maillard appearance in « A Serious Video » : And watch this again :

« VX 4000″ with the NB team (including Levi Brown and PJ Ladd no april fool !)

Featuring PJ Ladd, Levi Brown, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor, Tyler Surrey, Jordan Trahan, Tom Knox, Marquise Henry and Jack Curtin…. Enough said ?

Luka Pinto – XIth Hour part

Luka Pinto‘s section from « XIth Hour » is now online through Liveskateboardmedia. One of the best video from the last couple of years.   Tom Knox, Nick Jesen and Sylvain Tognelli’s parts worth a rewatch, by… Lire la suite

SF Treat : Cosmic Sounds

New SF Treat episode just pop up on the internet, with quality skateboarding, as usual. The title fit the montage so well :

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    Just got something new to hang on the wall. Benjamin Deberdt  shot Lucas Puig, Switch FS flip, Paris 2014.  Thanks Benj!  #shootfilm #liveskateboardmedia #skateboarding Jetlag madness Gilbert Crockett  @ceeblues & @daniellutheran at the #propeller premiere in Paris