Luka Pinto – XIth Hour part

Luka Pinto‘s section from « XIth Hour » is now online through Liveskateboardmedia. One of the best video from the last couple of years.   Tom Knox, Nick Jesen and Sylvain Tognelli’s parts worth a rewatch, by… Lire la suite

SF Treat : Cosmic Sounds

New SF Treat episode just pop up on the internet, with quality skateboarding, as usual. The title fit the montage so well :

Al Davis new footy

An ad with Al filmed by GX1000 is worth considering ! Al Davis @oldirtyaldavis kickflip shot by @instapizzle from his interview on CafeCreme #directlinkinprofile #cafecremeblog @jcastrucci A photo posted by charles paratte (@cafecremeblog)… Lire la suite

Gino Iannucci interview by Route 1

Gino has been busy doing multiple interviews lately. Check out this one provided by Route one :

Marty Murawski new part

It’s been a long time….

Meanwhile in Paris : Parisii & Slapcrew

If you get bored watching the Tampa pro webcast, you still have some Parisian edits. The last Parisii episode takes you through the XVIIIth arrondissement : The Slap Crew, the active young squad presents their… Lire la suite

John Wilson HD9 & Cyrus on Polar

Winter is still around in NY but guys are still out there. By the way, Polar just officialized Cyrus Bennett as their new team rider. Another Cyrus Bennett move. Slappy bs Smith midtown… Lire la suite

Side One !

Skateboarding in 2015


As expected, the new Bronze video is out now, enjoy :

New Supreme clip by Strobeck / Red Devil

The tittle tells all.

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